Sustainability at SaluVet

Our living space. Our responsibility.

Sustainability in everyday business

The topic of sustainability with its main aspects of ecology, economy and social issues is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy and shapes our corporate management and social interaction.
We have firmly anchored the ecological idea in our processes and protect the environment by responsible use of resources. The claim to be financially independent and the fact that we operate within the WALA Group, supported by the WALA Foundation, contributes to long-term sustainable corporate and market development.

In our corporate mission statement, we are committed to fair and respectful cooperation and to assuming social and societal responsibility in the region. We cultivate the dialogical corporate culture

Dealing with nature


SaluVet’s founding impulse is committed to healing and salutogenesis.  The idea of manufacturing products based on natural raw materials and taking ecological aspects into account was already pioneering at the time of the company’s founding. Topics such as ecological and sustainable management already played an important role in the company more than 100 years ago. We have firmly anchored the ecological idea in our processes. We pay attention to the responsible use of resources and protect our environment. This is what our mission statement says, and this is the standard by which we measure ourselves every day.

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Doing business differently

Corporate governance

In today’s world, the pursuit of profit and short-term gains dominate the business world, often at the expense of the environment and the community. The goodwill of a few major shareholders is more important than the fate of employees. Under such conditions, how can traditional companies be led sustainably into the future? How can the corporate idea be preserved?
Dr. Roland Schaette has answered these questions about the future for himself and his company in a very special way. In 2006 he decided to bequeath the company founded by his father in 1919 to the WALA Foundation An unusual, courageous and selfless, thoroughly visionary decision. More than 15 years ago, Dr Roland Schaette laid the foundation for SaluVet GmbH to be able to steer optimistically into the future as part of the WALA Group, supported by the WALA Foundation With this form of enterprise, SaluVet occupies an outstandingly special position in the industry, consequently has no private investors, is independent of major investors and cannot be sold or inherited. It also allows us to put the needs of our customers, and thus the animals, in the foreground and to take current social needs into account when making business decisions.


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Social responsibility

for humans, animals and the environment

As a sustainably operating company, we also take our social responsibility in society seriously. We are committed to the topics of agriculture and environmental protection, science, social issues and culture in and around Bad Waldsee. We support local and national associations, initiatives and organisations.

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Sustainability in the company


In order to make the topic of sustainability in the company something that can be experienced away from the daily routine, we regularly take part in the Baden- Württemberg Sustainability Days. Every year, a group of volunteers organises a varied programme for all colleagues or even for interested visitors and invites them to experience sustainability with different offers.