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Since 1989 we have been developing biological-pharmaceutical products

Holistic animal health

Since 1989, we have been developing biological-pharmaceutical products under the PlantaVet brand to promote the health of pets, horses and farm animals. We sell the preparations exclusively to practising veterinarians.

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Holistic forms of therapy

As in human medicine, the trend in veterinary medicine is increasingly towards holistic forms of therapy. The advantages are obvious:

  • very good efficacy
  • high tolerability for the patients
  • non-hazardousness for people
  • extremely low impact on the environment

Important for a successful treatment is a sound, holistic diagnosis, which means that the individual patient and all influences on the animal are considered as a whole.

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Tasks as knowledge mediators

Since these so important integrative approaches of holistic therapies are hardly ever taught in veterinary training, we also take on the task as knowledge mediators. We explain our holistic therapy concepts to veterinarians in seminars and webinars such as consultations.
In doing so, our many years of experience in the field of herbal medicine, homeopathy and organotherapy play a decisive role and give us an important edge over other companies that have only recently jumped on this bandwagon.

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Treatment with success

With nine expert field staff, we are on site with the vets every day. They explain the often complex interrelationships of PlantaVet preparations and therapy concepts to ensure that the treatment leads to succes


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