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The health concept for animals

The health concept for animals

Naturally healthy

The products of the Dr. Schaette brand have stood for natural animal health for over 100 years. Our range includes veterinary medicines, supplementary feed and care products as well as biocides for farm animals.

You will find our products that are specially tailored to the needs of horses in the  Dr. Schaette Pferd range.

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Dr. Schaette

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Prevention is better than cure

Strengthen effectively from the inside out

Our approach is to promote the sustainable health and performance of the animals. Therefore, in addition to preparations that are used for acute diseases, we offer many products that already start in prophylaxis to effectively strengthen the animals from the inside out.

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With the power of nature

Combination of medicinal herbs and plants

The basis of Dr. Schaette products is phytotherapy. We combine medicinal herbs and plants depending on the active ingredients they contain to formulate effective products. The advantages over synthetically produced active ingredients are manifold:

Plant-based preparations are characterised by high efficacy, good tolerability and extremely low environmental impact. Moreover, plants are multi-substance mixtures that can act on different parts of the organism at the same time. Synthetic preparations, on the other hand, usually rely on isolated individual substances.

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Healthy animals for healthy food

Strengthen and promote the health of farm animals

In the field of agriculture, our goal is to strengthen and promote the health of farm animals with natural substances. In our view, this is the only way to reduce the use of antibiotics, for example. Because only healthy animals can provide healthy food.

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Close to customer

Intensive customer relations

A sustainable and long-term relationship with our customers is a matter of course for us. To ensure this, around 20 Dr. Schaette field staff provide on-site advice to farmers throughout Germany.

Dr. Schaette

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