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Neither veterinarians nor farmers learn about holistic therapies in their training. Our mission statement states that we are knowledge mediators for holistic animal health, sustainable agriculture and valuable foodstuffs. For this reason, we at SaluVet have been active for years as knowledge mediators in the fields of holistic therapies, especially phytotherapy, organotherapy (anthroposophical veterinary medicine) and homeopathy. We offer lectures, seminars and presentations for veterinarians, farmers, people interested in horses and medicinal plants and have consequently founded the SaluVet Academy in 2019 to bundle all these activities.

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Webinars, lectures, seminars, guided tours ...

The SaluVet Academy, is that a building? Yes and no. With the new construction of our administration building, completed in 2020, we also have the appropriate premises for training and seminars. But the SaluVet Academy sees itself as an institution, as an impulse generator and knowledge mediator, with a wide range of offers.


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Knowledge transfer as a task and a matter of the heart – this is what distinguishes our speakers and connects them all. Different professional backgrounds and different areas of interest of the speakers guarantee varied and target group-oriented impulses on our core topics in different formats.

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