Knowing what is good for horses

With the power of medicinal herbs

Since 2019 Dr Schaette Horse

Preparations for horses have been part of Dr. Schaette’s product range since the company was founded in Munich. More than 100 years ago, however, most horses were still agricultural animals and were therefore supplied with the same products as, for example, cows, pigs and sheep.

To support the health of your horse

A wealth of knowledge spanning 100 years

Since 2019, we have been offering a product portfolio specially adapted to the needs of today’s horses under the Dr. Schaette Horse product line.

For the development of the preparations, we draw on the wealth of knowledge built up over 100 years on the optimal use of herbs and medicinal plants for horses and combine this knowledge with the latest findings from science. The result is natural preparations to support the health of your sport and leisure partner horse.

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