Dr. Schaette offers you veterinary medicines, feed and care products for farm animals – and has been doing so for 100 years.

The original company goals of keeping animals naturally healthy and productive, as well as supporting them in illnesses with effective substances from nature, have remained to this day. Our daily work is driven by a deep connection to nature and the claim to operate ecologically and sustainably.

Our goal with Dr. Schaette GesundProdukte is to make the earth a little more ecological for our animals and thus also for us, and thus to contribute to an intact world worth living in.

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In 1989, PlantaVet® was founded out of the impulse to offer natural veterinary medicines exclusively for veterinarians. At that time, we were one of the first companies to offer a comprehensive range of animal health products containing only active ingredients from nature.

Today, the PlantaVet® product portfolio of SaluVet GmbH comprises 67 approved potentised preparations, 5 approved veterinary phytotherapeutics and more than 30 supplementary feeds and care products containing medicinal plants for dogs, cats, horses and small pets and farm animals.

In this assortment you will find the whole spectrum offered by the natural therapies phytotherapy, homeopathy and organotherapy. The products are distributed exclusively to practising veterinarians.

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Since 2019, we have been offering a product portfolio specially adapted to the needs of today’s horses under the Dr. Schaette Horse product line.

For the development of the preparations, we draw on the wealth of knowledge built up over 100 years on the optimal use of herbs and medicinal plants for horses and combine this knowledge with the latest findings from science. The result is natural preparations to support the health of your sport and leisure partner horse.

This knowledge of combining the right medicinal plant to keep your horses healthy in a gentle, natural and yet effective way is the basis of our formulas.

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