Medicines, care and feed products for animals

Production from around 500 different raw materials

Made in Bad Waldsee

In our manufacturing department, medicines, care and feed products for animals as well as biocides of the Dr. Schaette and PlantaVet brands are produced from around 500 different raw materials. Depending on the type and classification of the products, different premises and technologies are available.

Pharma Division

In these premises, medicinal and care products in the form of liquids and semi-solid forms (e.g. ointments, gels) are produced and packaged. Batch sizes of 50 – 300 kg are possible, filling takes place in units of 20 – 1,000 ml. Production is carried out under GMP requirements in accordance with EU directives, access is only possible via a hygiene lock and only authorised persons are permitted.

This ensures the highest hygiene and quality standards for our preparations.

The animal feed sector

We produce 3 – 5 tonnes of powder mixtures per day and about 500 tonnes per year. The powder mixtures are either filled directly into buckets or bags of 3 – 25 kg or, with the help of a second plant, into smaller units of 500 g – 3 kg. We process some of the powder mixtures into pellets.

In the area of liquids, we produce various feedstuffs, care products and biocides. These are filled and packaged in package sizes of 640 g – 100 l.


Harnessing the power of the plants


Potentised medicines

Our forms of therapy


Heart heals heart, kidney heals kidney