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Our habitat

Our responsibility

On 2 August 1996, Dr. Schaette GmbH, now SaluVet GmbH, was the first company in the area of the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce to be certified according to the EU environmental management system EMAS (VO (EG) 1221/2009).

In contrast to other environmental labels, the eco-audit certificate is not awarded for individual products, but confirms environmentally friendly production methods in all company divisions and departments. The environmental performance achieved is reviewed every two years in an official audit and further optimisations are pursued.

The EMAS certification (EMAS certificate, Certificate ISO 14001 – Management system according to EMAS) includes the annual preparation of an environmental statement.

To the environmental statement 2021

Environmental protection and sustainability

Part of the company's everyday life

Most people are well aware that protecting our environment is important, yet they do not act accordingly. Many companies also claim to pay attention to sustainability and ecology.

For SaluVet, these issues are nothing new. Even when the company was founded over 100 years ago, respectful treatment of nature was a matter of course – after all, the products, then as now, are based on herbs, medicinal herbs and natural substances.

A deep connection to nature and the careful use of resources are the basis for all our company decisions and go far beyond issues such as waste avoidance or energy saving.

It can happen that a product that is good in itself does not remain in our range or is added to our range if it does not meet our guidelines in one aspect. In this case, economic efficiency has to take a back seat.

At SaluVet specifically

Environmental protection

  • All the energy used at SaluVet comes from renewable sources:
    • Photovoltaic system on the roofs
    • Wood pellet heating
    • Use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling


  • In the new construction of our logistics hall as well as in the construction of our administration building, we implemented an ecological construction method:
    • Selection of materials according to ecological standards
    • A lot of daylight for the employees for a pleasant indoor climate and saving of energy
    • Green roof to promote biodiversity; at the same time, it serves as cold/heat insulation
    • Partner companies from the region for short transport distances
  • The office furnishings are both sustainable and ergonomically designed:
    • Desks made of laminated beech wood, tested for harmful substances and glued without formaldehyde. The surfaces are not varnished but finished with water-based hard oil and herbal oils
    • The desks are mechanically height-adjustable so that it is easy to switch between standing and sitting
    • Lamps with the latest LED technology for maximum energy efficiency as well as motion detectors
    • Mineral wall paints on a water-soluble, pollutant-free basis


  • Consistent environmental management
    • Strict waste avoidance, waste separation and proper recycling
    • applies in all departments.

    • Annual review of all processes and identification of further potential for improvement
    • Publication of the annual environmental statement
  • Manufacture and logistics
    • We achieve optimal processes through good planning, short distances and the use of suitable machines. As a result, we use as few valuable resources as possible, such as water, energy and raw materials. We avoid residual quantities and waste as much as possible
    • When purchasing raw materials, we give preference to regional growers and suppliers, and whenever possible we use organically produced raw materials
    • In logistics, we use packing and insulating materials made from recycled cardboard boxes
    • to protect the products during shipping.

    • Thanks to modern technologies, we save on the use of chemical substances in analytics and quality control