Compositions from around 500 natural raw materials

Use the diversity of nature

Effective preparations

Our roots are phytotherapy, anthroposophical medicine and homeopathy. That’s why in the SaluVet range you will find the whole spectrum that the natural therapy directions phytotherapy, homeopathy and organotherapy offer us. Our formulations combine time-honoured knowledge with modern scientific findings and contemporary technology. The idea for a new product is implemented in our in-house “Research & Development” department. Here, effective preparations are created by skilfully combining individual high-quality, natural raw materials, which are also characterised by good manageability.

Quality and regionality

Our raw material suppliers

We are always on the lookout for raw materials from the region and thus support local farmers. We follow strict principles when selecting our suppliers:

  • We procure the raw materials, especially herbs and medicinal herbs, as regionally as possible to avoid long transport routes.
  • Whenever possible, in organic quality.
  • Whenever possible, we work directly with contract growers.
  • Generally, we procure as close as possible to the source and from suppliers whose attitude best matches our mission statement.
  • We create transparency in the supply chain and only procure what corresponds to our understanding of sustainability.

“We process 80 – 90 tonnes of dried nettles per year. Since 1994, a farmer has been growing this medicinal herb for us in organic quality – and just 100 km away from Bad Waldsee. A perfect supplier relationship.” Jürgen Waibel, Buyer.


Harnessing the power of the plants


Potentised medicines

Our forms of therapy


Heart heals heart, kidney heals kidney