Our products

Natural raw materials of defined quality

Inspired by nature

Our Dr. Schaette, PlantaVet and SaluVet brand products are inspired by nature. Long before it became a trend, our predecessors were already working with herbs, medicinal plants and herbal active ingredients. Increasing resistances and the socio-political demand for minimising the use of antibiotics in agricultural animal husbandry and therapy of animals ensure that preparations with few side effects based on natural substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms are more in demand than ever.

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Feed, pharma and care

We attach particular importance to the highest care and quality in the production of all our preparations. To ensure that we can live up to this claim, the production of our preparations takes place exclusively in Germany, partly directly at our site in Bad Waldsee and partly at WALA Heilmittel GmbH in Bad Boll, which, like us, belongs to the WALA Foundation.

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Sustainable packaging

When it comes to the packaging of products with natural ingredients, the protection of the product is paramount. Sensitive natural substances, such as essential oils, and sophisticated formulations without synthetic preservatives place high demands on the materials used for our packaging. The sustainability of the packaging materials used is a second important aspect and, of course, safe shipping so that our products reach you undamaged.

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