Well packaged on the road

As much as necessary, as little as possible


For each individual product, we weigh up how optimal product protection, the most sustainable material possible and user-friendliness can be combined. This is rarely achieved without compromise.
When evaluating packaging materials in terms of sustainability, we pay particular attention to recyclability and therefore use single-component materials wherever possible and no composites. Wherever there are sensible options, we also reduce packaging.

1 ml to 100 l, 100 g up to 25 kg

Paper bags, canisters and tins

The packaging of the different package sizes for shipping is particularly challenging. Here, too, product protection is paramount. The products must arrive at their destination undamaged. But sustainability also plays an important role here. Cardboard boxes and cushioning material (Caro-Pack) are PEFC-certified and come from sustainable forest management. After unpacking the goods, all the packing material can be recycled again in the waste paper.