SaluVet - Your specialist for natural animal health

Tradition & Know-How

A successful combination

Over the course of more than 100 years, the company has developed into the leading specialist in natural-source animal health. Tradition and many years of experience, combined with modern research and sound pharmacological expertise, create a unique environment for innovations of the kind that are in demand today among animal owners and in veterinary practices.

Developed & manufactured in Germany

Everything from one source

Our Dr. Schaette, PlantaVet and SaluVet brand products are inspired by nature. Long before it became a trend, our predecessors were already working with herbs, medicinal plants and active plant ingredients. Since then, the company has brought the expertise and quality standards of a pharmaceutical company to its veterinary medicines, grooming products, biocides, dietetics, supplements and herbal specialty feeds. From the idea for a new product to research, development, production, sales and competent advice, the expert for natural animal health, now based in Bad Waldsee, is a one-stop shop.

Solutions for modern animal husbandry

Developed & manufactured in Germany

In our formulations, time-honored knowledge is combined with modern scientific findings and contemporary technology. Innovation prizes and awards at international trade fairs prove that our traditional company always has its finger on the pulse of the times. Increasing resistance and the socio-political demand for minimizing the use of antibiotics in agricultural animal husbandry and animal therapy ensure that preparations with few side effects based on natural substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms are more in demand than ever.

Maintain, promote and restore animal health

Prophylaxis and therapy

The basic concept of the company’s founders, to offer farmers natural products for animal health for self-help under the Dr. Schaette brand, still supports their concerns today. The goal is to be able to act as preventively as possible or in the early stages of a disease in order to avert serious illnesses. This basic concept has been expanded in 2019 with the introduction of the equine range under the Dr. Schaette Pferd brand. In addition, a wide range of effective preparations for therapy in small and large animals is made available to veterinarians interested in naturopathy via the PlantaVet brand.