With the power of medicinal herbs

For the well-being of your animals!

With the power of medicinal herbs

For the well-being of your animals!

What began in 1919 with an idea is more relevant and more important than ever.

Naturally healthy

SaluVet GmbH in Bad Waldsee, Upper Swabia, is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company with a history of over 100 years and a great vision! Keeping animals naturally healthy, taking a holistic view of illnesses or health disorders and seeking solutions to problems with the help of natural preparations that take the animal into account in its entirety – that is our claim – our daily aspiration.

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Our products

Our Dr. Schaette, PlantaVet and SaluVet brand products are inspired by nature. Long before it became a trend, our predecessors were already working with herbs, medicinal plants and herbal active ingredients. Since then, the company has brought the expertise and quality standards of a pharmaceutical company to its veterinary medicines and grooming products, biocides, dietary and supplementary products and herbal special feeds. From the idea for a new product to research, development, production, sales and competent advice, the Bad Waldsee-based expert for natural animal health offers everything from a single source.

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Dr. Schaette

The specialist for agricultural farms


Naturally to success in veterinary practice

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Dr Schaette Horse

We know what does horses good

Knowledge transfer for natural animal health

SaluVet Academy

Neither veterinarians nor farmers learn about holistic therapies in their training. Our mission statement states that we are knowledge mediators for holistic animal health, sustainable agriculture and valuable foodstuffs. For this reason, SaluVet has been active for years as a knowledge mediator in the fields of holistic therapies, especially phytotherapy, organotherapy (anthroposophical veterinary medicine) and homeopathy. We offer seminars, lectures and webinars for veterinarians, farmers and horse enthusiasts and have consequently founded the SaluVet Academy in 2019 to bundle all these activities.

SaluVet Academy

Impulses for a different perspective

There is a herb for everything

Medicinal herbs

There is a lot of truth in this old folk wisdom. But not every plant helps against everything. In order to use herbs and medicinal herbs appropriately according to their active ingredients and their effectiveness, a sound knowledge of medicinal herbology (phytotherapy) is necessary. In our alphabetical enciclopaedia of medicinal plants, we have compiled short portraits of the most commonly used medicinal herbs.

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